Application for Data/Specimens

SHIMS facilitates substantive advancement in public health science and the strengthening of research capacity in Swaziland. The Swaziland Ministry of Health recognizes the opportunity offered through a study of this size and scope to build a strong research foundation in Swaziland through strategic partnerships.

The SHIMS Data Use and Research Development Committee (the Committee) guides and oversees the use of SHIMS data for analysis and dissemination.

The use of any data or biological specimens collected under SHIMS, or the collection of any additional data or biological specimens from SHIMS participants, must be reviewed and approved by the Committee.

Petitions are categorized as: 1) requests for permission to analyze existing SHIMS data for development of a report, presentation, abstract, manuscript, or other publication; 2) requests for approval to disseminate a report, presentation, abstract, manuscript, or other publication using SHIMS data; 3) requests to contact SHIMS participants for additional data collection; or 4) requests to analyze archived blood specimens.

All petitions must be submitted using the SHIMS Petition Form.

Application Guidance