Subjects & Setting

From December 2010 through June 2011, participants were enrolled in a pre-cohort survey throughout the four regions of Swaziland. Inclusion criteria included residing or having slept the night before in the selected household, reported age between 18-49 years, agreement to study procedures, ability to provide consent and answers to survey questions in either English or siSwati.

Among the survey participants, a subset of HIV-uninfected men and women were enrolled to participate in a longitudinal cohort. Participants were required to meet the eligibility criteria for the pre-cohort survey, to be confirmed HIV-negative by Swazi rapid HIV test algorithm, were willing to adhere and undergo all study visits and procedures, and were able to provide consent and answers to the study questionnaires in either English or siSwati. Persons were excluded if they stated intent to leave Swaziland indefinitely for work or any other reason in the following six months.

Swaziland Map